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BOUCLÈME - Curls redefined

We're here to celebrate the hair you were born with, the hair that defines you. We'll help you find your rhythm and fall in love with your hair.
Bouclème is a black women owned company. Our independence inspires the caring ethos that runs through everything we do.

Take curls seriously
Curly hair is beautiful and deserves special care. Bouclème is a natural, powerful hair care regimen that helps you wear your curls, waves and coils with confidence.

Powered by nature
Packed with active plant extracts and essential oils, Bouclème nourishes sensitive hair from the inside out without drying sulfates or heavy silicones.

For all curl types
We know that every curl is different. That's why Bouclème is a complete system designed to take care of any type of curl. Discover the perfect routine to clean, condition and define your curls.

With lush scents
Inspired by nature, our perfumer blends essential oils to create complex, harmonious fragrances that stimulate emotions and senses.


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