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JSL Essentials was founded by Katie Warner; an experienced Sports and Holistic Therapist. Katie has an unconditional love for all things natural and began her holistic journey at a very young age. She grew up on an agricultural farm in the Kent countryside, which soon unveiled a passion for all living things. After watching the process of her parents’ planting seeds, watching them grow and then eventually consuming them herself, Katie realised the incredible health benefits of plants and decided she wanted to harness those benefits and share them with the world. This very soon led to a qualification in Cosmetic Legislation and Organic Skincare, where Katie began her journey in formulating and manufacturing her skin, hair and home care products.


JSL were my Father’s initials, so the entire range is dedicated to him and all the wonderful plant based knowledge he passed on to me. 


JSL Essentials was launched in 2021 and was born out of the belief that healthy living and eating is the best foundation for a wholesome happy and abundant life. The entire range was built upon recognising the potential in botanical ingredients to boost the skin and hair’s natural, protective qualities. Gentle anti-inflammatory and soothing plant-based ingredients are at the heart of JSL Essentials and our continuous mission is to provide the purest botanicals.


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