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The Brand Story


"Miribel Naturals was originally called My Soigne. I wanted curly hair products that were clean, simple, and easy to use on wash day. 

That’s when I decided to just create my own! After seeing other curlies facing similar struggles, My Soigne was born. But the problem was, My Soigne was originally designed for curly hair.

That just doesn’t jive with other hair types: straight, wavy, coily, kinky. Even my own hair texture changed during my post-partum journey. It went from curly to wavy. Not to mention my daughter has straight hair. We weren't fitting in with our own brand. I knew something needed to change.

So, here we are. Just over three years, four hair products, and three hair accessories later, I made a big switch in October 2021. My Soigne became Miribel Naturals because I believe that everyone’s hair type is normal and beautiful. And everyone deserves to feel empowered by their beautiful natural hair, no matter the texture."



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